Secretary's Message

As in the words of great saint and philosopher Swami Vivekanand we need the strong youth for the new nation making if we will fulfill this need we will be able to rule the world. According to me this is the need of the hour to have such a strong youth for a progressive country. All the educational institutes are the makers of the youth as well as the makers of the nation also. If we make a student a good youth by character we can serve our nation in a best way. The youth may be a girl or a boy. By educating youth we can educate a big part of nation because youth can serve a lot to nation. So by running Shams Teacher's Training College we are trying to give our contribution to the nation. In our institute we focus not only on the teaching skills of the students but we emphasis on the overall personality development of the student. This is our effort and responsibility to do our duty in a best manner as well as in a best sense of our nation building.

Looking forward for the zeal of youth who wish to be a part of nation building.

Er. Obaidur Rahman